Over the past five years, I’ve contracted with over ten digital marketing agencies, working with them on business blogs and newsletters across many different industries. This is what I’ve learned:

A lot of agencies produce mediocre content, and a lot of businesses settle for it.

Many companies are satisfied if they see the right numbers: site traffic increasing from cheap content.

They don’t particularly care if it’s good content that’s valuable to their customers or makes them stand out as a brand.

Well, I don’t settle.

Today, I only work with agencies and clients that strive for excellence. So when you work with me, you get a commitment to quality: the best ideas and content I can write.

Why I’m Able to Produce Excellent Content

I have a wide-ranging business and writing background including:

  • Five years working with agencies and private clients on B2B and B2C content. I’ve worked with everyone from Fortune 500 tech companies to a family-owned RPG accessories business.
  • Seven years as a usability specialist for a local municipality.
  • Three years running an arts-related 501(c)3.
  • A Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction.
  • A robust journalism portfolio including bylines in The Week, Marie Claire, VICE, among many others.

Using this diverse background, I’ve become very good at learning new industries and writing for different audiences. I’ll learn your voice and values. I’ll research your customers and competition, and I’ll help you rise to the top of your market.

See examples of my work at ejbrown.contently.com

Email me at ej@whatiwritewith.com

Even Better — Hire a Team

While I do take on clients by myself, I prefer to work with these two agencies:

Collier Marketing specializes in premier content for B2B companies. Collier Marketing does not try to be a full-service agency; instead, it is a team of writers and editors that does one thing really well: create superior content.

Rebellious Marketing Solutions works with businesses that want to promote their feminist values. In particular, RMS helps small businesses create a consistent brand message through customer success stories, blog posts, thoughtful and unique web copy, and your social media presence.

Email me at ej@whatiwritewith.com