40+ Writers Organizations to Know About

No matter what kind of writing you’re into, peers can be useful. Check out these organizations for online resources, career and legal aid, conferences, writing groups, and more. General Writers Organizations  Alliance of Independent Authors An association for authors who self-publish with seminars and events specific to the self-publishing industry. Visit the site American Society […]

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How to Pitch Editors

How to pitch editors can feel like a mystery. How do you get started? There are no set-in-stone formulas for how to pitch, but there are certain things I’ve found that work better in my own pitching or that I’ve heard from editors at conferences. I’d say experiment and see what works best for you, […]

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What goes into a blogging strategy?

  I believe there are four pieces of a blogging strategy: content, promotion, community and expertise building. Maintaining weekly blocks of time for these four components will help your blog grow. Content Getting started: Social Media Examiner recommends writing your blog’s mission statement and then choosing 7-10 categories “that address relevant topics of discussion in […]

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Award-winning authors without advanced writing degrees

If you want to be a “real writer” do you need an MFA? Graduate writing programs can be a great way to become better writers—there’s no doubt. And full disclosure: I’ll graduate from one myself this spring. But the literary community needs to be careful to not view people without these degrees as lesser-than writers. […]

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How to be vulnerable writing online

I’ve written about it all: my sex life, sexuality, my body, politics, and my faith. And it’s all been online. People are mean, my personal life becomes everybody’s business, and I have friend’s tag me in posts about sex that my family can see. While being vulnerable through public writing is not easy, for me at least, it’s very much worthwhile.

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Subscriptions worth paying for

Those monthly subscriptions add up. How do you know what’s gonna be worth that five bucks?  Well, it depends on your goals. Are you looking for an agent? For new markets?  While there are plenty of amazing resources you can get for free, some are worth their fees. For all writers Writers Market What: The […]

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