On liquids, laptops, and working on the go

contigoDo you take your laptop everywhere with you? I do. Plus a water bottle, sometimes a coffee mug, etc. And yes, I’ve had the unfortunate accident of a bottle spilling and ruining my laptop. No more cheap plastic Evian bottles for me! I’ve invested in spill-proof containers that go wherever my laptop goes. What’s a $12 or $20 investment compared to the cost of your computer, your phone, or your tablet?

Contigo® AUTOSEAL® Grace Water Bottle

Retails at $11.99
24 oz

Pros: Dishwasher safe. Durable and lightweight, handle can clip on the outside of bags

Cons: The small, sealable mouth gets gross quickly and needs washed often, plain looking

I’ve been using this water bottle for about a year. It has gone through the dishwasher countless times. Besides bringing it along to cafes, I take it on hikes and to the gym. It’s still in great shape.

Most important, I can put it in my bag next to my electric devices confident it’s not going to spill.


Keurig® Red Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Retails at $24.99
14 oz

Pros: Sleek design. Retains heat well. Dishwasher safe. Durable and lightweight.

Cons: The small, sealable mouth gets gross quickly and needs washed often.

Just like the water bottle, the opening in the lid gets gunky quickly. I think this is just the price of something that seals well.

starbucksStarbucks Stainless Steel Grip Tumbler with Handle

Retails at $22.95
16 oz

Pros: Durable and sturdy. Retains heat well.

Cons: Handwash only, Heavy, Not spillproof

I don’t feel confident in placing it in my bag. It’s not completely leakproof, but I’m confident with this mug on my table next to my laptop. Also, it keeps coffee warm for frickin’ ever.

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