Sentley Over the Ear Headphones

Sentey LS-4420
Retails at $129.99

Pro’s: Detachable Cord, extremely comfortable, noise cancellation

Cons: Bulky, cracked quickly

I’ve been using these nearly every day for nine months. They are extremely comfortable and they work well for noise cancellation. I don’t even have to be playing something to reduce the distraction of a busy coffeeshop.

My only complaint, and I think it’s a big one, is that the plastic has already cracked. Now, these headphones travel with me to multiple coffee shops a day. I pull them out on the train. I walk my dog in them. I wear them ALL THE TIME. Still, I didn’t expect them to break so quickly. Okay, not break exactly. But while they’re still usable, I’ve covered up the crack on the top with duct tape. Not very sexy, but hey … at least they still work.

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